Pattern State
Art in Repeat


Sarah English artist surface designer and textile designer based in Dallas Texas


I believe that patterns act as connectors.  I love the hand drawn line. Color is everything. More is more. Paint smells like home. Work happens best in a mess. Twinkle lights make every space better. And repeating patterns are magic.

Pattern State was born for my love of art in repeat. In 2013 I established Pattern State as a place where art and design could get together and play. I have a background as a painter, and hold a MFA in studio art. My love for pattern led to a 13 year career as a textile designer in corporate fashion retail. In 2017, I dove full time into Pattern State. You'll find me working from my home studio in Dallas, Texas and raising my two kids from our quaint corner of the burbs where we tape art to the walls, scatter it across the floors, and dangle it from the ceilings.

-  Sarah English



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